My Approach

I have a lot of experience being stuck, getting unstuck, and coaching other women (and a few men!) on figuring out what fuels their passions and how to create new possibilities for their lives that make them excited to wake up in the morning and unstoppable about their passions.

While there is no "one size fits all" approach, every one of us DOES have passion and the power to make changes. Often, that feeling of being stuck is because we are spinning our wheels in an area or direction where we have no feeling that change, or passion, is possible.

I can teach you how to look at those areas of your life where you feel stuck, and see new opportunities for change, passion, and growth. Your life is too important and too short to stay stuck! Fuck being stuck!

My Story

In 2002, I took a class from a company called Landmark Worldwide, where I was coached to write down what I wanted, and make a visual reminder to keep it real for me. The power of really articulating what I wanted, combined with those visual reminders blew me away!

This material is not those classes. Some of the ideas here are my own development of ideas I first encountered there. Some are ideas developed in conversations with friends who will almost certainly never take a class from Landmark or any other personal growth type of program. Some ideas came from business books and consultants, social theorists, history, sociology, novels, poetry, gifted bloggers, and conversations with friends.

In 2007, I started creating "New Possibility" collages every New Year's Day. Friends started joining me, and by 2016, I had every corner of my house filled with friends and family members creating new possibilities together. (The pantry! The kitchen! Everywhere but the bathroom!)

In that moment, I realized that I had to share the power of theseĀ  activities with more people than I could cram into my house. But how? A book? An app? Workshops? Websites?

Fuck Being Stuck was born.

Next Steps...

Right now, I can help you FUCK BEING STUCK through workshops or a series of coaching sessions. A workshop with a group of friends works best, because you and your friends will support each other after the workshop. All of you want to FUCK BEING STUCK.

Workshops start at $500. This includes materials for up to 8 people, lasts between 3-4 hours, and does not include any travel or location expenses. Workshops can be customized for larger groups, a full day, or to focus on specific areas of life where people may be stuck.